Accelerate Now

Accelerate Now ™ is a new offering from Accelerated Schools plus™ designed to provide schools with exemplary, customized professional development based on comprehensive school improvement strategies. It presents an excellent way for a school or school district to achieve its short-term professional development goals while gaining an introduction to Accelerated’s five-year partnership model.

History of Success

For two decades, Accelerated Schools plus has served as one of the nation’s pre-eminent providers of school improvement services. Accelerated’s model is well-known: By using a research-based Powerful Learning concept approach, Accelerated Schools plusT helps teachers build on the strengths of each student. Founded as a pilot program in 1986, Accelerated Schools plusT has partnered with more than 1,800 public schools in 42 states to accelerate learning for children while transforming schools.

The Powerful Learning Approach

Accelerate Now!™ is an active learning experience in which teachers learn strategies that can be applied directly in the classroom. Accelerate Now! is based on Accelerated’s Powerful Learning approach which integrates three key elements: whatstudents learn, how the learning opportunities are created, and how to produce the best context for that learning. The approach helps teachers to grasp the curricular landscape, figure out what students know and care about, and design experiences to guide students through the next learning stage. Powerful Learning is:

. Authentic in that the activities relate to the real-life, day to day situations that teachers and students encounter.

. Inclusive in that all teachers are involved in a way that their ideas, concerns, and voices are valued and respected contributions to all considerations.

. Learner-centered activities that address the specific interests of individual participants.

. Interactive in that all learners are involved actively with other learners in a process of transforming experiences into knowledge.

. Continuous in that the activities are ongoing during each day of the school year. 
The approach has been extensively studied and evaluated over the past two decades. Powerful Learning is true to its name: it transforms schools, improves teaching and learning, and helps students get results. Please visit the research link to view our research base.

Delivery Features

. Customized for any grade level and for differentiated instruction.

. Culturally responsive to the needs of all teachers and learners.

. Delivered directly in schools or districtwide.

. Designed for both large groups and small cadre of teachers and/or principals.

. Each Accelerate Now!™ seminar ends with a learning activity that can be staged

. Flexible pricing based on number of participants and number of training days.