Demo Sites

Demonstration Sites

The Demonstration Site competition was created to recognize Accelerated Schools that have reached the status of full implementation. Schools must be nominated by their service providers and must meet the following minimum requirements:

1. The school is currently actively affiliated with an approved AS plus
    provider center.
2. The school has been evaluated by the local AS plus service
    provider as being fully implemented and this finding is documented
    on the most current TRACES report. 
3.The school’s standardized test results, documented over a  
    minimum of three years, indicate a trend of overall growth in 
    student achievement.
4.The school is fully supported in this endeavor by its school district 
    and building principal.

We recognize the importance of identifying and awarding schools that have been successful in fully implementing the AS plus model, and have proven to have a direct positive impact on student achievement. The Demonstration Site Awaris designed to do just that.